We want to make you feel as if you were living in Barcelona.

  • We like to share  our local experiences with curious slow travelers.

  • We enjoy simple things in life at a slow pace, but always with a proactive approach.

  • We like to travel respectfully into the local social fabric and the environment in which we all live in.

  • We promote traveling with a local insight rather than mass Tourism.

  • We want to inspire people to travel in a more genuine way, stepping into the spirit of the past: an act of exploring.

  • We are bon vivant

  • We promote slow travel in Barcelona

slow travel in Barcelona

is connecting to the destination you visit in a sustainable mindset: experience the local idiosyncrasy in a relaxed genuine way and gain perspective of the place you travel behind the common touristic façade.

Not less important is to support locally-made products (km0 ) and services from the region, engaging with the community and giving back to its economy. 



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She is curious and adventurous. Professionally a Biologist but defines herself as a globetrotter. She was born in Buenos Aires; her sailor spirit has taken her around the world in order to sail the oceans. Her heart finally decided to settle down in Barcelona, more than 10 years ago. She also loves everything related to the culinary world, being herself a gourmet and an amateur cook. When she travels, she enjoys discovering those secret hidden gems, known only to locals, being this her greatest satisfaction. Curiously, she never asks for directions, because she believes that there is nothing better than getting lost and finding an undiscovered wonder.


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He is a natural host, he likes to see others having a good time while traveling and he is himself a professional traveller too. From an early age he has always been very curious about maps and foreign languages. Today he is a polyglot. He is from Rio de Janeiro, from a family of German roots. 2005 he decided to move to Spain. He is a cross-cultural communicator and a multi-task professional in the Tourism sector. After traveling the 5 continents, either for work or pleasure, he chose Barcelona for settle. He loved Vietnam, he is very demanding with coffee and ice-cream, practices yoga, feels great being outdoors and sometimes suffers from saudade do Brasil.

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